Super Computing

The most powerful and successful calculating devices invented till date are Supercomputers. Just in a fraction of a second, you can perform more than a thousand million calculations. Hence it a very powerful tool for scientists and engineers to know more about the natural world – computer simulation! It helps them perform virtual experiments that are practically not possible. For example, experiments to look into the individual atoms, study the climatic conditions and discovering about the evolution of the universe etc.

Supercomputing courses enable the students to gain knowledge about supercomputers, its working and to explore the hidden computational potential to make scientific progress and discoveries. We offer an in-depth knowledge about supercomputers, supercomputing terminology and the largest devices in the world. You will also learn about parallel computers and parallel computing which involves knowledge about building thousands of CPUs each one just like desktop PC and how to use parallel processing for single calculation by connecting all those CPUs, respectively. You also learn to conduct virtual experiments for real life predictions through computer simulation and finally we cover a few case studies that are based on how supercomputing helps make scientific discoveries which were impossible in the past.

So if you are interested in highly advanced technology, supercomputers and how computer simulation helps in discoveries, then this course if for you. You have a great career opportunity in this field as technology is advancing everyday and new discoveries are made often. It is the future of technical world. Enroll for this five-week program and master the skills of supercomputing for a brighter and a better future.